The LEEP Camera

Wide Angle Stereo Camera

The LEEP Camera

The LEEP Camera model LC2002 produces five stereo pairs on a roll of 120 color film. Designed around the requirements of the LEEP Viewer and the characteristics of the human eye, the camera uses a small entrance pupil and produces a fisheye-like image. Because of the small apertures required to match the eye, shutter speeds tend to be low, even with fast color film, so a self timer is provided, and a strap that permits fixing the camera to a tree, a post or even a bush. One result is that the photographer gets a lot more pictures of him/her self.


A pair of 39mm focal length VISTAR HYPERCHROMATIC coated lenses with designed-in negative distortion and lateral chromatism to compensate these aberrations in the viewer. Apertures f/11 to f/45 permit fixed focus and extreme depth of field. Lenses are covered by a plane window for easy cleaning.


Electronically controlled, magnetic latching guillotine blades provide exact synchronism for the two apertures. Manual and aperture-preferred automatic exposures. Quartz-controlled manual speeds from 1/250th second to 128 seconds. Plus 1/Z stop (time) switch. ASA/ISO range 12 to 3200 on auto exposure up to 128 seconds. Low light (exposure 1/8 to 1/125 Sec.) warning (beeper and LED) and delay. Very low light lock-out with override on separate shutter release. Wide range of dark and light scene compensation. "Time" mode requires separate operations to open and close the shutter. Remote control by contact closure via phono jack. X flash synch. Self timer gives 4, 8 and 16 second delays with 1 sec beeps and blinks. Beep muting switch.


The LEEP Camera
  • Adjustable strap with snap buttons and vee-shaped back facilitate fixing camera to trees and posts.
  • Plumb bob facilitates horizontal positioning.
  • Gunsight field finder shows approximate limits of field whether standing behind camera or in front (in the picture).
  • 9v. transistor battery required.
  • Film advance by knob and back window.
  • Body vacuum-formed of rugged ABS.
  • Except for magnetic components, which are black zinc protected, all hardware is stainless steel or aluminum.
  • Standard tripod mount.
  • First 500 cameras were to have the nameplate engraved as designated by the buyer and were to be signed by the inventor.

LEEP Stereograph Mounting and Duping

A "neutralizing stereograph" (one that incorporates marked negative distortion and lateral chromatism to neutralize those aberrations in the superwide viewer lenses) is formed on size 120 color transparency film by the camera. After ordinary E-6 processing the pair is trimmed and cut apart using a guide supplied with the system. The left and right images are then swapped and mounted in 3" x 6" clear polyester sandwiches (40 mounts are supplied with the system).